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Join Pure Stay is an internal environmental program for the entire CPI Hotels network, which ensures a balance between nature and hotel operations. Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the chain, as well as to ensure harmony with nature and transparency towards our guests.

Our principles

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We minimise and sort waste in all departments.

We ask that our guests also responsibly sort waste . We have placed waste sorting bins in all our hotels. We compost left-over food or try to supply it to local farmers to reduce the biological content of our waste to the absolute minimum.

17.48 % less waste produced in 2023 in comparison with 2019.

One of our aims for the future is to introduce a zero waste concept. We strive to gradually eliminate the use of disposable products and plastic packaging.


We plan to take all our electricity from renewable sources by 2024.

We are implementing a comprehensive LED program throughout our network and we prioritise the purchase of energy-efficient appliances. We are gradually acquiring charging stations for electric cars at all our hotels.

Consumption reduced by 27.81 % in 2023 in comparison with 2019.

We plan our future investments so as to reduce our total energy consumption as much as possible.


We strive not to waste water unnecessarily.

We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, we are installing filtration equipment for the treatment of drinking water and minimizing the amount of bottled water purchased in plastic containers.
We are reducing the purchase of aggressive cleaning products as much as possible and clean rooms every three days, or at the request of guests.

Consumption reduced by 23.08 % in 2023 in comparison with 2019.


A responsible approach to nature has become part of our corporate philosophy.

Our internal environmental program has clearly defined objectives and benchmarks for gauging our commitment to minimising our overall carbon footprint. We pay close attention to the education and training for our employees.

The results of our work are monitored and assessed every year through company-wide reports, which clearly show the reductions and energy savings we have achieved in individual areas.

Frequently asked questions

Caring for the environment and respect for nature is a company-wide commitment. Our long-term aim is to substantially reduce our share of greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30% by 2030, in line with the philosophy of the CPI Group as a whole. In the future, we plan to implement various energy-saving and environmentally-friendly measures to do as much as possible towards achieving this aim (such as using electric cars for commercial purposes, installing photovoltaic panels and other technological improvements). We strive to support local suppliers. We spread awareness and like to get involved in charitable projects focusing on sustainability and other such issues.

Each hotel has an employee appointed as a representative, who oversees and ensures compliance with the environmental program. We strive to educate our employees in environmental matters and motivate them to protect nature so that their approach to individual measures becomes a matter of course and part of our shared corporate DNA.

We have put environmental signs up in all our hotels, which are clearly visible to guests throughout their stay. Wherever our guests see the sign of a pebble with an environmental message, this means they can do something to promote a healthier and cleaner environment. Our sign asking guests to save water, for instance: Don't run waterfalls. We inform our guests about the Join Pure Stay program on an information panel by the entrance to each hotel.

We are glad to say that we we have introduced our program at all our hotels and are gradually working to expand it to cover other areas of operation. Nature is our main source of inspiration. We prefer and purchase products and ingredients made from natural materials. We provide our services in a manner enabling us to responsibly declare that we play a major role in improving the environment.


Business partnerships are important to us and we hold our partners in very high esteem. They enable us to grow and focus on important matters, such as the environment. We are linked not only by business partnership, but also by our philosophy and our attitude to sustainability-related issues. Being environmentally friendly is our common goal.

Thank you! None of this would be possible without you.

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